A slot player asked if is it possible to get to maximum the maximum the maximum ways in the future yeah yeah yeah it is the thing is it’s it’s a it’s a really sort of long shot it’s I think it works out is warning 500,000 or something sort of worthy out there because you have to get a lot of free spins you have to get a lot of triggers you have to get a lot of reach riggers to it through its a formulae but when it does it’s absolutely colossal I don’t think we’ve seen on stream but you remember you remember Kim the streamers are a handful of players yeah mashing yeah yeah so you know for that for that chance to happen you know even with the biggest bonanza win that you’ve shown is you know 14,000 X there’s bigger wins than that but you know the fact that you’ve shown that on a stream that was someone will for them that’s a so yeah. Read more casino and slots articles at CasinoSlots.

I get those pictures like if I play a lot of one game if when I played do playing quite a bit of pain you’ve been trying to actually win something and then I just like ten pictures per stream from someone won’t be maybe give that I’ll probably do so degree separation one one you know I’m surprised with him at you play bonanza that you haven’t had an absolute monster but you know then again it’s I mean I think I think talking of slow play I’ve seen some of his streams ways had quite big wins on it I mean oh yeah he plays funnels a lot I think hence the question cuz he genuinely is what one day I’ll appear on stream and it’ll have you know yeah well also a little bit tight wrap Easter a cat like on on how much you can really win in in no only only cats were the casinos terms conditions so some some casinos I know I mention any now she’s only see you later when I was some some casinos will cap of two hundred thousand euros will 210 pounds or you know some kappa 250 thousand pounds some have no cap so it’s and it’s it’s a risk business for casinos have no oh yeah understand the risks.

Because they can see their you know the the trillions of spins that we do to you know manufacture like yeah you’ve tried them for Allah a lot of spins and then yes so yeah you know it’s we had we had one when recently there was questioned by casino manager on Twitter britches and we validated that as actual yes this is factual I can’t give that away buddy was playing the player didn’t step forward all right yeah fortunately that otherwise would have recreated in and would have expect yeah respects you know players yeah I think that’s that’s only fair I I like to see those even though I don’t know it’s it’s difficult to actually you actually get them that’s one interesting question as well like on your games are you ever gonna implement quick spins.