Welcome to multiplayer online poker games, the fastest growing pastime on the net today. Unlike the Online Casinos, the house does not have an edge here, as the online poker player is playing against real people. It is up to the player’s to fund that game, and the house gets its cut for providing the facilities. Without leaving their homes, players can get together to play Poker and because of its growing popularity it is not uncommon to find hundreds and even thousands of players online. This enables one to find online poker games that are most suitable to ones pocket or skill level (yes, there is a comfort zone for novices too). Most poker rooms may also provide full sets of rules and game strategy. There are even those who go the extra mile to assist you in getting good online gaming pleasure. South Africa is very lucky to have one of the best poker rooms on the internet. Piggs Peak Poker is a well established poker room that features South African Rands poker games.

Keeping with the times, Australian Casino Gambling has also increased in leaps and bounds. No longer are they “down under” as they continually strive for the goal posts in offering players not only safe casino gambling, but some of the most awesome up to date online pokies, blackjack, roulette and a great many other casino games available on the net.

Online Poker Games

Texas Hold’em
Unlike Seven-Card Stud, Texas Hold’em is a fast and fun gane and is mostly the choice for all Poker Tournament Championship events. To start there are two cards, (hole cards) dealt to each player face down, which is then followed by a betting round. This is followed by an additional three cards, (The Flop) being dealt face up in the center of the table. These are community cards and form part of each player’s hand. Another betting round follows this. One more card, (The Turn) is dealt to the center and another betting round. The final card, (The River) is dealt to the center and is followed by the final betting round. Along with the hole cards, the original 2 card hands are turned over and the highest five-card Hand determines the winner.

Seven Card Stud
Along with it being the best known of all poker games, Seven-Card Stud is probably the easiest to learn but the hardest to play (so many cards!). Seven cards are dealt to the player, starting with two cards, (Hole Cards) face down and one card face up. A further three rounds follow where 1 card card is dealt face up to each player. A betting round follows each deal. The final betting follows the final card being dealt face down. The player with the best five-Card hand wins the money.

Although it is dealt the same way as Hold’em, Omaha is an action variation and instead of two cards to start, each player is dealt four cards face down. To make your best five-card hand you must use two down cards out of your hand, along with three on the board (Community cards). Rather than having one set of two cards hidden, each player’s hand has a six two-card combinations therefore creating more winning opportunities per player than in hold’em. This makes it a killer game also enabling it to be fast-paced.

Omaha (8 or Better)
These games can get fast and furious. They are dealt in the same way as Omaha. However the best (Highest) and the worst (Lowest) hands split the pot. Aces can count for either a High or low. The best hand for a low is A-2-3-4-5, which is also considered a straight. You hand needs to have no cards exceeding 8 in order to win low. There are more drawing opportunities in this game than in the high version of Omaha for each player. This is because the same player can win both high and low in the same hand as there is a different two-card combination that can be used from your hand for high and for low.


Online Casinos offer a great arrangement of different casino games, some of which are games of chance such as Slots, Bingo and Roulette where your luck is dependant on where the “machine” comes to a stop. From there you get your games of skill such as Blackajack and Poker – in these types of games of skill one can form or learn a strategy that will enable you to either play your hand according to what the other players or the dealer are playing, or what cards have been rejected by other players.

To start the game every player including the dealer is dealt 2 cards. As a player you play against the dealers hand only. If your hand value is nearer to 21 than that of the dealer’s (without exceeding 21), you will win your hand. The object of the game, obviously, is to have a hand value as near 21 as possible, without exceeding 21. However for the expert player this is most defiantly NOT the case as the expert’s aim is simply to beat the Dealer.

“Blackjack” with your first two cards, is the best hand to have. An ace and a ten value card is what makes up a “Blackjack”. Unless the dealer also has blackjack, you will be paid three chips for every two that you have played should you be dealt a Blackjack.

Online Blackjack Rules
When to Hit (be dealt another card) and when to Stand (Stop being dealt cards) is determined by you as the player. With regards to the dealers play there are fixed rules. Until the dealer has reached seventeen or more he has to hit and then must stand. Whoever’s hand value is less than or equal to 21 and which is greater than the dealers hand value, wins the amount equal to his wager. However should the value of the dealers hand be less or equal to 21 and/or greater than that of the players, the player loses his bet.

Should the same hand value be had by both the dealer and the player this is called “push”. This is not a win or a loss and gives you a full refund.

A “Bust” is when you go over 21. You lose your bet. At this stage the dealer has his greatest advantage over the players.

Keep in mind, that as a player, you have four options and can therefore be flexible. A player gets to determine when to Hit, Stand, Split (when you play 2 separate hands) and when to Double Down (double your wager in a favorable situation).

You may only split when the 1st 2 cards that you are dealt are of equal value. Remember that all face cards and tens are equal in value. When you split you are effectively playing two individual hands. When you split, you 1st play out of your right hand set of cards, followed by play of the left hand. When splitting, should you have a ten and an Ace is drawn, this can NOT be taken as “Blackjack”. Keep in mind though that the only way that the dealer can beat any hand of 21 is by dealing himself a blackjack.

You can “Double Down” on a hand when it consists of two cards, which then doubles your original wager. You can only be dealt one additional card to your hand when you have doubled down. There are a few casinos that do have restrictions with regards to “doubling down”, where you are not allowed to double down when you either have a split and/or only allowing when your two card hand values total ten or eleven. Should you double your wagers in a favorable situation, this adds heavily to your advantage. Therefore it is advisable to locate casinos that have the least restriction in rules of play regarding “Double Down”.

Insurance – When the dealer shows an ace, you get the chance to take insurance against him having a blackjack. The insurance option is just another form of wager that is accessible to the players. One-half of your original wager is the cost of the bet for the insurance option. If the dealer does in fact have blackjack then your payoff is two-to-one. A two-to-one payoff on a wager that is one-half your original wager is an amount equal to your original wager.

Therefore, should you win the insurance bet, the dealer will simply pay you by leaving your original wager on the table. We consider this a sucker bet and you should not normally take insurance.

To better the Casinos odds, some changes were made to the game of blackjack over the years. The casinos introduced new technology like shuffling machines, and multiple decks to help beat the odds of those who were counting cards and watching the card decks closely. These changes along with the realization that the blackjack systems in the books were hard to master, brought back the casinos edge to a zone which they considered acceptable.