Baccarat is one of the most played casino games, may it be online or land based. Why? The answer is very simple: this game is one of the easiest games, so you do not have to be a master to play it. Baccarat is played by every gamer category: from beginners to professional players, because it is simple, but it can give you big rewards.

Online Baccarat Main Rules
Before you start playing, should know that there are three types of baccarat: American Baccarat, Chemin de Fer and European Baccarat. These three types share all important qualities, but there are some minor differences. I will tell you the point of baccarat, then I will describe every type of baccarat, so you should know what to do when you are playing the different types. The goal of the game is to bet on the winning hand: the banker’s or the player’s. The hand which is closer to nine, wins. You should know the card values: cards from 2 to 9 have face value, the 10 and the face cards worth 0 points and ace is one. That is all, now you know the point of the game, you can almost play. All you have to do is to read the following section, in which I will describe in detail all three types of baccarat, then you are ready to choose the one that fits you the best and play.

The first variety of the game is American baccarat, as suggested by its name, it is played mostly in America, Canada, Australia and a few other countries. American baccarat is sometimes called Punto Banco, they use this name mostly in Europe. The aim of the game is achieving nine points, or as close as possible. In land based casinos this variety is played with six or eight decks, but in the case of online baccarat you can play it with only one deck of cards. In American baccarat you play against the house, so there is a casino employee, a croupie, who deals the cards. The casino usually takes 5 % commission on all the hands won by the bank for this. Although there is a croupier, one of the players plays the role of the bank. Four cards are dealt: first to the player who placed the largest bet, then to the banker and the squence repeats itself. After this, the croupier announces the winner. So, the other players have two options: they either bet on the bank hand, or on the player hand. Of course, the bets are placed before dealing the cards. Some additional rules of American baccarat: the shoe containing the decks moves counterclokwise, if a player does not want to play the role of the bank, he can pass over the shoe. Another rules states that the player automatically gets another card if he has five points.

The next variety is Chemin de Fer, you can easily figure it out that it is mostly played in France. In this case six decks of cards are used for the play. The dealer puts an amount of chips in the bank, the other players should make their bets so the sum will be at least equal to the amount placed by the dealer. Then the game starts, the cards are dealt in the way described earlier. The rules of this variety are a little bit more flexible: the banker may not place a bet, and the player might choose to stand when he has five points. There is a croupier assigned by the casino, but he does not get involved in the game, he only has tu supervise if the rules are followed.

The third variety of baccarat is European baccarat, sometimes called baccarat (en) banque. This version is mostly played in European Casinos, and of course, has the same goal as the other types. Here a casino assigns a croupier, he will deal the cards. The person sitting on the right of the croupier will be the bank first, the next bank will be the person on the other side of the croupier. Differently from the other types, the shoe contains only three decks of cards, but there might be two or four decks. The difference from the former type of baccarat is that the players are not allowed to pass the shoe among other players. The betting and the dealing part is just like in the other types of baccarat.

Now you know all about the varieties of baccarat, but you should know that when you play online, the dealer will always be a virtual one.

Still, it is important to know what variety of baccarat you are playing to enhance your winning chances. Here are a few tips, which might be useful for you if you choose to play: you should always play on the bank hand, because the bank wins more often, so it is more profitabel for you. Otherwise you can bet on the player hand and on a tie, but you should avoid to bet on a tie, because the house edge is very high (15.75 %). In order to help you choose the best room, I will give you some advice: always look for a room where there are few decks in the shoe, the best choice is usually six decks. The last tip I give you is that take a look around on the Internet and find an online casino, which charges less than 5 % in case of the banker bets. This is all you have to know in order to be a winner at the baccarat table!

Now you know everything you should know about baccarat. All you have to do is choose the variety you like the best and go find yourself the best casino online. And do not forget: bet on the bank hand, you will win more often this way. Good luck playing!